Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dont' Be Late...

I just went back in the blog and noticed that I never posted the photos from the Alice in Wonderland inspired photo shoot - So, dreadfully late, please accept my apologies and enjoy! 

A Silk Invitation Box was created using purple and iridescent green dupioni silks.
The main invitation panel is constructed using purple dupioni silk, 
satin ribbon, fiberous paper and twine.

The menus echoed the invitation, constructed using purple and iridescent green dupioni silks, 
fiberous paper and twine. The fonts and graphics were vintage-inspired and incorporated 
tea pots and clocks to echo the story.
Place cards were tied onto Victorian spoons sourced from Antique shops, 
carefully selected for their purple and green color distortion of the silver.  The guests were directed to a time as opposed to a table number - the table "number" was a real clock stopped at a specific time.

White-Washed wooden signs were engraved with vintage-inspired graphics and fonts and strung with deep purple satin ribbon. Signs read "This Way", "That Way" and "Welcome to Our Wonderland"

The table scape, showing the clock "table number"

Favor Flowers made from Almonds and pale purple Sugar Candy, tied with twine and tags

Escort Card Detail

Menu Detail

Invitation and Included Key Detail

Save the Date and Invitation Detail

The shoot was coordinated by the immensely talented Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fete
and photographed by Ambrosio Photography


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