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Way past due! - Organic Orlando

So, admittedly, I am horrible at keeping up with the bloggery. I have the best of intentions, really. I set aside things and say "Oh! I need to make sure that I post a blog about this!" ... and there the images sit. In a sad little folder on my desktop titled simply "to blog."

I am intending to make my new year's resolution to be (a bit) better about this. Sadly, I am just as bad at keeping resolutions as I am at keeping up with the blog, so no firm promises :)
Suffice it to say that I have QUITE a lot going on! There have been a ton of noteworthy things, exciting events, features in magazines, award nominations and outstanding clients with very beautiful invitations that I will attempt to post about in the coming year.

Without further ado ...

This event was October 1, 2009! Hard to believe it was that long ago!
Organic Orlando was an event hosted by (then Room Service) now AFR Furniture Rental to showcase their yearly collection. It was a very unique event in that they transformed a local organic brewery into an event space. They utilized the parking lot of this very industrial space and tented it to transport the guests into a fully functioning and chic event!
The intent was to make the invitations impressive enough to draw attendees from all over the state, while simultaneously nodding toward the event locale and the organic nature of the beers and the food to be served.

It is not often that I get to have free reign on design, so I had a lot of fun with this one!
The invitations were real beer bottles, filled with the grain and hops used in the brewing process as well as wheat stalks. The bottles were then hand capped and custom labels affixed.
The hand-made wooden boxes were laser-engraved with a logo I created for the event and the bottles nestled inside on a bedding of wood shavings.

The result was a buzz-worthy invitation that garnered me a prestigious Esprit Award 2010 nomination for best event collateral design!

{photos of the event below provided by}


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